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Generator Set

The piston engine will fasten to the existing engine mount points of the Camaro on the forward sub-frame using a custom brace while the generator motor will mount to a custom bracket also welded to the forward sub-frame. The engine and motor will be coupled using a v-belt, custom input and output shaft adapters, pulleys, and double bearing pulley-mounts.

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank will reside in the stock transmission dog-house using two braces to mount the tank to the frame rails underneath the vehicle. Quick-release pins will be used to improve serviceability allowing the tank to be easily removed and installed in ~5 minutes.

Inverter Mounting

The inverters will mount to a shared truss spanning the width of the rear passenger-bench. 90-degree connectors will connect the DC and 3-phase leads of each inverter to the rear junction box and traction motors.

Battery Pack

The battery pack will bolt-mount to the frame rails of the Camaro using four steal rails that span the width of the trunk. A two-piece aluminum enclosure will be used to mount the seven battery modules on two separate tiers, and a control-hardware shelf will mount all sensory and control hardware for the battery management system that is easily removed for servicing. Isolation will consist of Nomex foam and a two-piece Boltaron lid.

Motor and Gearbox Pairs

The motor and gearbox pairs will be mounted using a U-shaped brace per pair, linking the forward and rear transverse cross-members of the rear sub-frame. The goal is to center the torque source of the motor between the mount points of the U-brace to minimize unwanted vibrations.